Monday, November 27, 2017

The future of education is in use

We’re proud that IBM is using Simulcation Datacenter to train its top sales executives and Business Partners, and we wanted to bring you more of their reactions from recent events.

Held in Killarney, Ireland and Bratislava, Slovakia in October, the training sessions gathered together IBMers and Business Partners to discuss the latest IBM services and processes. Delegates at both events were given the opportunity to experience Simulcation Datacenter – our ground-breaking datacenter simulation – for the first time. Combining gamification and simulation to make education more engaging, it’s built on the science that says learning through experience leads to more capable, confident professionals.

Mission Possible

We set the delegates a special mission. Starting with a virtual datacenter in trouble, they had to work to identify where the problems were, before implementing the right mix of additional services and architecture to bring back stability. They could then race to see who could boost their virtual organization’s revenue the most in the remaining timeframe.

They were given half an hour to compete for the top spot on the mission leader board, and we were thrilled to hear how competitive it got. Having ‘got the bug’, many delegates wanted longer to continue their gameplay. After such intense competition, it was great to hear very positive feedback about the app’s capabilities, including:

Simulcation Datacenter really helped me to understand what the kit I’m supporting does!

Designed as a way to bring leading architecture and services education to life, we’re immensely proud to see Simulcation Datacenter being used so successfully. Beat Erb, IBM’s TSS Channel Sales Leader – IOT Europe, told us: ‘the simulation has made tremendous progress, and is now ready to be permanently integrated into IBM TSS education.’

So, what’s next?

We’re working on creating more missions, adding variety and more difficulty levels to make them even more challenging. They’ll then be made accessible as part of our roll-out to IBM and IBM Business Partners across Europe.

About Simulcation

We believe learning shouldn’t be laborious. Simulcation Datacenter is an engaging, competitive environment that simulates the complex challenges faced on a daily basis by IT infrastructure professionals. Preregister now to be one of the first to experience it – and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to hear more.

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