Monday, September 25, 2017

Simulcation proud to be accepted to the Swiss EdTech Collider

Society’s educational needs are constantly evolving. As classrooms enter the digital age, new technologies are coming to the fore. The Swiss EdTech Collider, an incubator founded by the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), is helping to breed the next generation of educational technologies. Located just a stone’s throw from the EPFL Center for Digital Education in the EPFL Innovation Park, we’re excited to enter the fold.

The Swiss EdTech Collider is the first collaborative space of its kind in Switzerland devoted to empowering high-aiming entrepreneurs in their ambitions to transform education through technology. By fostering easy access to new methods, experts and industry leaders, EdTech Collider is driving innovation and disruption in the field. It’s a great fit with Simulcation: we’re breaking the mold for professional education through simulations, starting with the IT industry. We’re thrilled to have made it through the selection process, and now to be working in close proximity to industry thought-leaders, advisors, and potential investors and customers.

We’re looking forward to sparking new conversations amongst our peers, contributing our experience and learning from what’s going on elsewhere in the industry. We’re proud to be accepted into such a creative hub of innovation, feeding off the cutting-edge research undertaken by EPFL professors. It’s the start of a bold new chapter for all of us at Simulcation.

- Arlette Pond, Simulcation CEO

Welcome! Willkommen! добро пожаловать! 欢迎!

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