Monday, June 17, 2019

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We’re thrilled to announce that Simulcation is now available in 11 global languages. That opens the door for more people – from Indonesia to Italy – to experience our unique learning environment in their native language. ようこそ。

Now available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Indonesian, Simulcation is more accessible than ever. Teams, educators and classes the world over can enjoy Simulcation’s groundbreaking Datacenter simulation in multiple territories, wherever they have internet.

Engaging and empowering, Simulcation is being used to train up future tech leaders and CTOs, as well as educating sales teams and business partners on the latest real-world product features. It’s also enabling tech teams to experiment with their decisions in a ‘safe’ stimulated environment. Mimicking the kinds of challenges Datacenter managers experience day-to-day, Simulcation encourages users to go deeper, seeing the impact of hardware, software and services decisions play out in the wider success of their own virtual organization.

Experience Simulcation globally. Download the app or register online now, or contact us to talk about using Simulcation with your students or teams.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Let your team experience the power of Simulcation: Education Modules now available

We’re pleased to announce that Simulcation Education Modules are now available beyond our existing corporate partners.

A new way to learn

Simulcation is a ground-breaking datacenter simulation that mimics the kind of real-life challenges faced by datacenter technicians and CIOs. Combined with a raft of gamification elements, it’s an engaging educational tool. For educators, it provides a bedrock in understanding how a datacenter operates, equipping the CIOs of the future. For businesses, it can be used to train staff in specific skills, tailored to the needs of the organization. Users are encouraged to discover strategies and solutions to make their virtual datacenter more efficient, battling hardware and software issues and cyberattacks as they progress.

Simulcation Education Modules are a natural progression, creating customized learning experiences that help an organization meet their goals. User engagement can be incentivized through leader boards and prizes, and can be integrated into an existing learning environment, or accessed directly through our website and app.

For businesses: Show your products in action

Simulcation Education Modules are ideal for training your teams to understand new hardware, software or services, while developing a thorough grasp of the issues faced in datacenters. Completely customizable around your educational aims, our Education Modules encourage participation by providing a series of ‘missions’ for users to complete, all incorporating your choice of real-life components, services and scenarios. Choose from our pre-built starter modules, which will give your teams a good base level of product knowledge and get them accustomed to a new way of learning. Or, collaborate with our team and we’ll tailor-make a three-month educational program around your requirements.

For educators: Train tomorrow’s tech leaders

Simulcation Education Modules are also an ideal teaching resource for schools and higher education. Students take ownership of their own virtual datacenter, learning about the mechanics of success and what it takes to keep an organization’s resources online, secure and stable. They’ll see systems come to life and get experience in making the kinds of decisions CIOs and CTOs make every day.

Ultimately, Simulcation Education Modules bring the theory to life, empowering users to make better product and services decisions or sell your components with greater understanding of how they work – all in a fun, engaging and ‘safe’ environment.

Give your teams education they’ll love

Don’t take our word for it. Simulcation is challenging old, traditional education methods, and users seem to love it. Recent feedback from a group of Tech Data Germany employees showed that they enjoyed experimenting with a new, more immersive way to learn. One user told us, ‘I was selling these boxes for years. With Simulcation, for the first time I can see how they look in a datacenter and how a datacenter works.

Simulcation Education Modules are tailored challenges, customized for our corporate partners. Empower your sales and support staff by giving them product information in a fully immersive, engaging way. Let them have fun while experimenting with the wider implications of product decisions on our virtual datacenter.

See the power of Simulcation Education Modules for yourself – try a free module now.

Interested in hearing more about customization and pricing? Email us on

Monday, March 12, 2018

Join us at IBM Think 2018

We’re proud to be taking Simulcation on the road this month.

From 19-22 March, we’ll be at booth 128 at IBM Think 2018. Come and visit us to try your hand at our simulation for yourself. We’ll be giving away prizes every hour, culminating in a grand prize for whoever tops our leaderboard at the end of the conference.

We’ll have live demonstrations available so you can experience the power of Simulcation Datacenter first-hand, as well as members of the team ready to discuss your e-learning requirements.

Experience the value of leading architecture in action

Simulcation Datacenter is a revolutionary simulation, where IT staff, sales teams and CIOs can connect whilst practising their responses to everyday datacenter challenges. Experience cutting edge IT infrastructure and gain insight before making real-world decisions.

Engaging and fun, you’ll experiment to find the optimum mix of hardware, software and services, and see the ongoing impact of your choices played out in terms of profitability and customer satisfaction.

We’re also preparing to launch contests, incentivizing team-wide participation through ten weeks of exciting prizes centered around a competitive mission.

We believe it’s the future of learning. Come and see us at booth 128, or email to book a test-drive.

Monday, November 27, 2017

The future of education is in use

We’re proud that IBM is using Simulcation Datacenter to train its top sales executives and Business Partners, and we wanted to bring you more of their reactions from recent events.

Held in Killarney, Ireland and Bratislava, Slovakia in October, the training sessions gathered together IBMers and Business Partners to discuss the latest IBM services and processes. Delegates at both events were given the opportunity to experience Simulcation Datacenter – our ground-breaking datacenter simulation – for the first time. Combining gamification and simulation to make education more engaging, it’s built on the science that says learning through experience leads to more capable, confident professionals.

Mission Possible

We set the delegates a special mission. Starting with a virtual datacenter in trouble, they had to work to identify where the problems were, before implementing the right mix of additional services and architecture to bring back stability. They could then race to see who could boost their virtual organization’s revenue the most in the remaining timeframe.

They were given half an hour to compete for the top spot on the mission leader board, and we were thrilled to hear how competitive it got. Having ‘got the bug’, many delegates wanted longer to continue their gameplay. After such intense competition, it was great to hear very positive feedback about the app’s capabilities, including:

Simulcation Datacenter really helped me to understand what the kit I’m supporting does!

Designed as a way to bring leading architecture and services education to life, we’re immensely proud to see Simulcation Datacenter being used so successfully. Beat Erb, IBM’s TSS Channel Sales Leader – IOT Europe, told us: ‘the simulation has made tremendous progress, and is now ready to be permanently integrated into IBM TSS education.’

So, what’s next?

We’re working on creating more missions, adding variety and more difficulty levels to make them even more challenging. They’ll then be made accessible as part of our roll-out to IBM and IBM Business Partners across Europe.

About Simulcation

We believe learning shouldn’t be laborious. Simulcation Datacenter is an engaging, competitive environment that simulates the complex challenges faced on a daily basis by IT infrastructure professionals. Preregister now to be one of the first to experience it – and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to hear more.

Monday, November 20, 2017

IBM uses Simulcation Datacenter in top training sessions

We’re excited to announce that IBM has been using Simulcation Datacenter in training sessions with IBM European sales teams and Business Partners. Competing against one another at events in Killarney, Ireland and Bratislava, Slovakia a few weeks ago, delegates had to identify the optimum mix of datacenter components and services in one of our nail-biting missions. Here’s a taste of how they got on:

Originally devised as a way to bring a section of IBM training to life, Simulcation Datacenter has evolved into an engaging, competitive learning environment that pushes the boundaries of professional education. Users are able to virtually experiment with real life infrastructure and services – and can see the impact of their decisions play out as they compete for virtual global domination. A fusion of cutting edge gamification and simulation technologies, we believe it’s the future of learning for IT professionals, sales teams and students.

Experience Simulcation Datacenter for yourself: preregister for a free account.

Welcome! Willkommen! добро пожаловать! 欢迎!

We’re thrilled to announce that Simulcation is now available in 11 global languages.  That opens the door for more people – from Indonesi...