Saturday, June 24, 2017

What is learning through simulation?

By definition, a simulation is the imitation of a real-world system or process over time. A learning simulation combines modeling (imitation of the real world), entertainment (from gaming) and instructional elements to create something that is educational, experiential and engaging to use.

Most people are probably familiar with these concepts from simulation video games, such as The Sims or Flight Simulator. Because they aim to recreate real life experiences, there’s huge potential for using simulations in training people to do almost anything. In fact, this has become the focus of recent educational research, which is revealing that most adults learn better through experience than through classroom teaching, reading or webinars. It would make sense that learning by ‘doing’ in simulated experiences can be almost as valuable as learning by doing the real thing.

What is modeling?

Training simulations must recreate ‘reality’ accurately to enable learners to be able to perform the same tasks well in the real world, answering the crucial question ‘if I do this, what will happen?’ For instance, you won’t be prepared to fly a plane after using a flight simulator that is not an accurate enough model of a pilot’s real life experience.

That’s the key – modeling. Simulations are built upon models: mathematical representations of objects or processes. Models are the result of huge amounts of data, equations and computations that mimic the true-life actions of what they aim to represent, usually translating all this information into a visualisation. With training simulations, the aim is then to allow users to experiment with the variables, as if they were making the same choices in real life. The technology behind this is understandably complex, but it’s evolving all the time in terms of precision.

How can it help my IT team?

Simulations targeted specifically at educating professionals aim to engage them like a video game, but be as accurate and true to life as possible, so they learn through making real world choices. Simulcation Datacenter takes this a step further for datacenter managers and IT professionals by offering a global platform, available across all your devices. Experiment with a huge range of hardware and services to find the right mix to maximise your virtual organization’s profitability, and see the impact of your decisions for customers, senior management, and in the marketplace.

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